Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Burke Boys Ride Begins

Ride Day one started with a good breaky - eggs benny again.  Then Vibol picked us and our luggage up in his Tuk Tuk and off to Bernie's bike shop we went.

We geared up while waiting for Vut to arrive with bikes,  it was 8 am and already at least 30 degrees.

We had some challenges with Steve's Honda early on.  It kept stalling in traffic which was absolutely insane in Phnom Penh.   Vut switched bikes with Steve, and we eventually made it to the outskirts of town.

Vut installed a new battery in the Honda and adjusted the clutch.   Good as new, Steve was back on the Honda.

Things got remote in hurry as we continued to follow train tracks past shanties and small communities until  we reached some rice fields.   It's still the dry season so the fields were empty and the trails were DUSTY!

The heat was in full effect now, and we had been carefully hydrating and taking electrolytes.

We were booking it pretty good to make uo some lost time on the mechanicals.

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