Saturday, March 9, 2013

Please Keep Your Wheels Vertical!

Vut is an amazing guide who lead us through a variety of riding challenges.  I really loved this section because I felt like I was simultaneously at the beach and in the jungle at the same time.  As always, I found the intermittent and ill timed deep sand a challenge, but I loved every meter of it.  Halfway through I puckered up rather tighly as we pot committed to some very deep ruts that are deal breakers for motorcycles.  You spend every micro-second of off-road riding manipulating what you have control over to avoid a rut trapping your front this video, in a split second we are all pot committed. The punishment for such an indiscretion is normally Tee-ing your bike and playing superman over your handlebars.  This time, I avoided the unscheduled dismount from my noble steed.  :-)

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