Thursday, March 7, 2013

Road to Kampot continued...

We rode without a lot of stops today, we were trying to make it to Kampot by noon.

We passed through various small villages and plantations along the way, and rode lots of sandy two-track.

We paused in the shade of trees and attracted the attention of some local kids.

I'm not fond of photographing the kids, but I let them see themselves in the front camera on my phone.  A couple of them were quite surprised.  Vut says they don't see dirt bikers or foreigners out this way so we were quite the sensation.

I had brought some glow in the dark wristbands and handed then out to the kids,  with soke explanation grom Vut.

There was girl there about Aidan's age that knew a few words if English which was pretty cool considering where we were.

Steve and I know how to say "hello" and "thank you" in Khmer.   :/   So we make sure to say our 2 words to anyone that'll listen.

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  1. It's not an adventure until someone gets heat exhaustion... this brings back memories of when my shoes literally melted to the pavement.

    hope you guys are having fun! enjoying the pics - looking forward to getting back.