Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 2 Walking Around Town

We decided to go see a little bit of our neighbourhood.  It was pretty hot, so we found a store that sold a couple bottles of water.  It was at a gas station, around the corner from Villa Paradiso, and was an organic food mart.  Continuing around the block, my eagle eyes spotted a street vendor selling cold beer!  We picked up a 6 pack with ice for $3.00 !!

We dropped our loot off at our room fridge and went to explore Pasteur street some more.  Walking past many scooter/moped wash bays and repair district we came to a part of the street that had some pubs and restaurants.  In this video, we are down near a marketplace and Steve spots "My Lien Bar" which he found quite funny.  There was also "Chuck Norris Dimsum" lol!  We didn't eat the dimsum, but I'm sure it kicked ass!

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