Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kiriromi Hillside Park Part 1

Google it.  I don't have Internet right now, so you can look it up yourselves.

We got to KHP around 4:30, and promptly collapsed and waited for our air conditioner to cool the room down.

I felt like sleeping, but we both managed a shower and the  went down to the restaurant. 

It is was a little odd for us to see cats and dogs walking in and out of the kitchen,  but I was reminded that we have a dog dish in the kitchen and our cat sleeps on the floor in the kitchen as well.

Neither of us were hungry,  because of the heat exhaustion but we ordered some chicken satay and a small pizza.

They warned us that the pizza would take awhile, which was ok - especially when we saw them putting wood into the outside pizza oven!!!

The food was great,  the sun was setting,  and Steve had got one bug bite already and although we are on malaria meds  - we called it a night.

Yes, too exhausted to drink beer - mark that one on a calendar!

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