Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kiriromi Part 2 - night

We had noticed after our showers earlier that we had a couple tree frogs inside our room.

They were delighted that we had wet the tile down and were hopping around our luggage and such.

We didn't dare put them outside because they had a full time job eating the tiny ants, beetles, and whatever kind of bug that was Steve found under his pillow.

Time to deploy the bug nets!!!

Steve used his bedding to stem the flow of bugs entering from under the door from outsude.  For some reason he figured a particularly strong cicada would push it aside - so he put his runners ontop of the bedding.     see pic

We drifted off to sleep around 7pm, our tree frog sentries chirping their approval of extinguishing the lights.

Sorry no frog pictures...


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