Monday, March 4, 2013

Russian Market

After taking a Tuk Tuk over to Bernie's bike shop to finish our paperwork, Bernie introduced us to his favourite Tuk Tuk driver "Vibol"  pronounced Vee-ball.

Awesome friendly dude that we have hired for the day to take us sight seeing.  First stop was the Russian Market.  There wasn't any Russians there, but there was lots and lots of vendors hawking everything imagineable.  It is organized into areas, some are jewelry, pants, shirts, scooter parts etc... 

The most memorable is the fish and meat section.  You can't smell it in this video, but the hot damp air was thick with the smell of raw, live, and dead, fish.  We motored over to the clothing section where there was a light breeze and some incense burning.  Phew!

Next up, more Tuk Tuk-ing!

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