Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 7, Kirirom to Kampot - Breakdown

On our way from Kirirom to Kampot, the countershaft sprocket retaining nut on Paul's bike fell off.  (That's the nut that keeps the little sprocket in place beside the engine that pulls on the chain).  The little sprocket fell off and oil started leaking out of the crank.  I raced forward to flag our guide Vut down and let him know Paul had powered down.  I then found a bit of shade to wait while Vut went back to hook a tow strap up to Paul's bike.  I decided to take a little video of the rice fields.  Oh ... and I discovered there seems to be an obscure optical glitch with my Monkey Cam that makes me look a little chubby!  WTF??  ;-)

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