Saturday, March 16, 2013

Phnom Penh, Rules of the Road?

We were a little nervous on our final day as we returned to the bustling city of Phnom Penh.  We were unsure how we would fair in the flow of traffic as we worked our way back to Bernie's Bike Shop.  The challenge is not so much the volume of traffic, but rather our lack of familiarity with the local rules of the road.     The truth is that the only true "rule" is that one should remain highly predictable to other drivers at all times.  Maintaining a steady pace seems to help with this.  :-)

HK Airport Fashion

We are enjoying our last meal of dim sum at the restaurant near our departure gate in the Hong Kong International airport.  Our travels have taught us many things, none more important than appropriate airport fashion. ;-)

Monday, March 11, 2013

MJ Cafe at Ponte 16 Macau

Seriously,  they have a Michael Jackson museum
here inside the hotel.  Just stopped for cold one, I'm at loss for words.

And guess what,  they only play MJ.

Google it, there must be some connection. ..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rooftop Panorama of Phnom Penh

As Paul mentioned in posts below ... we did finally make it to the Eclipse Roof Top Restaurant and Bar in Phnom Penh.  This is a short video of us wondering around the rooftop like clueless tourists.  We could spot the windows to our room at Villa Paradiso and other landmarks.  This would have been an interesting view in the evening, but we were too tuckered out after dinner to return.

Goodnight and Goodbye Cambodia

Cambodia has been a terrific experience for Steve and I.   Thanks to my friend Jason Lum for planting the seed about what great destination this could be, and how cool it is to see a nation re-inventing itself.

Cambodia is industrializing quickly,  and I'm glad we had a chance to visit before the transformation is complete. Our ride guide Vut tells us that 95% of his old trails are now private property,  or turned into roads. 

The people were very kind, helpful, and endearing.  The food was fantastic, and the weather... well it was sunny and hot every day.  I'd plan my next trip for Dec, when its a little cooler,  but I'm still glad the hot weather hasn't arrived yet!

Off to Hong Kong and Macau tomorrow morning!!

Goodnight Cambodia!

STILL WALKING Monivong Blvd...

After reaching the end of  the boulevard, with no tower,  we asked some guys working at the gas station.

One of them seemed very confident he knew where it was.  3 kms back the way we had came - on the left.   Well, this was useless because that where we started.

We started back and after a discussion with 4 Tuk Tuk drivers that should have yielded peace in the middle east with the amount of head scratching and so on - none of them knew where it was.  One of them would give us a ride for 3 bucks tho...

We kept walking..         

About three kilometers, 2 diet cokes,  2 waters,  and 2 beer later we were almost back to our start.  We could see our towers we had seen the day before in the  distance... crap...

We crossed to the right hand side of the street & stopped for a bite at Cambodia's McDonald's called BB Burger or something.   Home of the Camburger.  Meh.

Little known to us (because we're dense), across the street from us was a 22 storey building,  the only building over 4 storeys anywhere close by. 

Written on the front of the building, "Phnom Penh Tower".

Oblivious, we soldiered on in the heat of the mid day sun towards the skyscrapers in the distance...

Now that we know the punchline,  I'll be brief with the rest.

Got to the skyscrapers, found they're not the PP Tower,  called the search a failure and went back to the pool with early signs of heat exhaustion presenting themselves.   We are just penguins here!

After a cool down in the pool and a snack Steve got diligent on the Google,  found the tower, 600 meters from our doorstep.   We went up and took some pictures.  omfg!

Edit. I Have added a picture of the tower as seen from our room.  Hehe what bone heads.  

Monivong Blvd Stroll - Honda dealership

Very cool to look around the Honda dealer, they have ONLY scooters.

Off to the side of the showroom they have  Mr Lube style repair bays with the cleanliness of an operating room.  Super cool.

There's comfy stools and free wifi to pass the time while you watch the mechanics tend to your ride.

BTW, price for a new Honda Dream 125 was $1096.  It looked like an updated version of the passport 70.