Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 8, Secret Beach Single Track

On our loop from Kampot to Kep and back, Vut took us to what he translates as "Secret Beach" in English.  My sense was that this is a quiet vacation spot for Cambodians.  The large family next to us was all together playing a card game around a table in the shade of a palm tree sharing outbursts of guts and glory as the cards fell.
 Vut's plan was for us to each enjoy a freshly cracked coconut to drink here.  As it turns out they were sold out!  Bummer, but they had Coca Cola as a backup.  That's bad for my teeth (and makes me look chubby in these videos) but I was hungry so I threw my teeth (and figure) under the bus and imbibed in the black fizzy nectar of The Man.  Oh, that sounds much worse than it was...almost.
The departure from Secret Beach is a little technical as riders say.  The difficulty is not the trees and twisting single track.  The technical challenge is actually the very rapidly changing terrain under your two wheels as you chase Vut.  Motorcycles are not well suited to riding in the sand.  Vut makes it look effortless as he rides half speed for us.  This is a long video that I thought about chopping to make it more internet friendly.  However, this section of riding is a true treat even for an intermediate rider like me.  For those gear heads out there...please imagine ripping this up at 9 tenths. :-)

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